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We  offer  same-day  repair  for  many  issues  like  broken  screens,  bad  batteries,  and  more!

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Issues  with  parts  or  labor?  We  will resolve  this  as  soon  as  possible  at  no  extra  charge.

Common Questions and Answers

Don’t worry! Our repair process is transparent and you are not charged a cent until you confirm the price and the repair is satisfactorily completed.

Do you offer price matching?

Yes! Unlock savings with our exclusive offer: Get 10% off any competitor’s quote upon approval! Experience top-notch service and quality at an unbeatable price. Seize the opportunity to maximize your budget while enjoying excellence in every project.

Is there a referral system?

Yes! Refer and reap the rewards! Earn a 25% cash payout for every successful referral, plus gift your friend a 10% discount on their first purchase. It’s a double win – you get extra cash, and they enjoy exclusive savings. Start sharing the love and building a network of satisfied customers. 

Are you an authorized service provider?

Unleash the power of choice! As an independent service provider, we may not carry an official badge, but that’s your advantage. Our extensive network reach and cutting-edge tools mean we deliver superior quality at lower prices. How? By efficiently sourcing quality parts and embracing the latest technology, we offer premium services without the premium cost. Choose affordability, innovation, and excellence. We may not be authorized, but we’re your go-to for top-tier service that exceeds the limits of conventional providers. Elevate your experience – choose us for quality and savings that set us apart.

How do I pay you?

Experience payment flexibility! We accept cash, cards, and online payments for your convenience. Whether you prefer the tactile feel of cash or the swift efficiency of card transactions, we’ve got you covered. Our secure online payment option adds an extra layer of ease to the process. Choose the method that suits you best, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free transaction. At our service center, settling your repair costs is as convenient as the diverse payment options we offer. Your satisfaction is paramount, from the repair table to the payment counter. Opt for convenience and choice – your preferred payment method awaits!

If I am a remote customer, how do I ship the device?

Seamless service, wherever you are! Remote customers, rejoice—we offer free shipping labels for a stress-free experience. Request your label, pack your device securely, and leave the rest to us. Our commitment to your satisfaction knows no distance. Trust us to handle repairs expertly, ensuring top-notch service reaches you effortlessly. Enjoy the convenience of our complimentary shipping labels, making remote repairs as easy as if you were right around the corner. Because distance shouldn’t stand in the way of exceptional service. Ship it with confidence – we’ve got the rest covered!