Our Story and Humble Beginnings: ElrodElectronics LLC

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Local to Clayton, NC

ElrodElectronics in Clayton, NC, is your trusted destination for comprehensive electronic repair services. Our skilled technicians specialize in addressing a wide spectrum of devices, from smartphones and laptops to gaming consoles and specialty electronics. With a commitment to excellence, we prioritize using quality components to ensure optimal performance and longevity. ElrodElectronics stands out in Clayton with efficient solutions, quick turnaround times, and transparent pricing. Whether it’s mainstream devices or unique electronic gadgets, our customer-centric approach guarantees satisfaction. Trust ElrodElectronics for reliable and versatile repair services in the heart of Clayton, NC, where expertise meets a commitment to customer care.


How ElrodElectronics LLC Started

ElrodElectronics LLC started as a side hustle in 2018. Where phones were purchased, inspected, fixed, and sold for profit.  After years of this low-risk endeavor. The staff at ElrodElectronics had a large experience base and felt comfortable offering these services to real-world customers. Starting in phones, screen, battery, and charge port replacement services were offered for a few years. After many requests, ElrodElectronics has expanded into the full spectrum of repair with phones, tablets, computers, and other electronics. Overall, ElrodElectroncis started slowly and has been training through experience and research for over four years.

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Our Location

Elrod Electronics, strategically situated in Clayton, North Carolina, boasts a prime location for all tablet repair needs. Serving Clayton and nearby cities such as Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Garner, it provides convenient access to cutting-edge electronics and top-notch services. Positioned at the heart of the region, Elrod Electronics is a go-to destination for residents in Clayton and the surrounding areas seeking high-quality products and reliable electronic solutions.


Contact Information

For inquiries and repairs, contact Elrod Electronics at 919-205-2087 or email comments@elrodelectronics.com. Streamline the repair process by submitting a form to get a free repair estimate. Our dedicated team is ready to assist with top-notch customer service, ensuring a seamless experience for all your electronic needs.

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Lifetime Warranty

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Had my daughters phone screen replaced and got it back within the hour. He was quick and the work was flawless. I should’ve taken a picture for this review, but next time I have him fix a phone for me I’ll update this review with a picture. He’s local in the Clayton area and is not new to fixing screens. You can tell just based on the work alone. Very pleased!


“He did an amazing job I would recommend him to anybody. It didn’t even take him a hour to fix the phone he know exactly what he is doing and I would trust him with device . He can fix it and you can tell he loves what he do. I’ll be back if I have any other devices or phone I need fixing.👍🏾