iPhone Touch IC Transfer

Improves Resale Value and Performance

what and why

What is the Touch IC and why does it need to be transfered?

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WHAT: Touch IC

The Touch Integrated-Circuit (IC) is a microchip that is used in handling touch inputs and some display features. When Apple released the iPhone 11, they added a unique encrypted password to this chip that was tied to each phone. This password could not be reverse-engineered which is why you must transfer the Touch IC with micro-soldering techniques to retain full functionality.

iphone important display message

WHY: Important display message

Starting with the iPhone 11, Apple encrypted a component on the screen that tied each screen to its respective motherboard. When a screen is replaced by a third-party repair center (like us, ElrodElectronics) this important display message will pop up and remain in settings forever. Furthermore, this warning can disable the True Tone feature on the iPhone’s display.


The device MUST have the original screen

There is one requirement of the Touch IC transfer service. The iPhone must have the original screen without any “Important Display Message” warnings in the menu. This is because the microchip we need to transfer is only on the original screen unless a previous shop transfered it.


What models do we offer this service?

It is important to note that any iPhone that is the iPhone 11 or newer requires the Touch IC transfer service. We do not offer the Touch IC transfer service for the first or second generation old iPhones as it is more economical to get Apple to repair your screen.

iphone 12 repair


iPhone 12 Series

The iPhone 12. 12 Mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max are all available for the Touch IC transfer service. The use of programmers does not enable True Tone for this model. Touch IC transferring is a requirement if one does not want to lose the True Tone functionality.

iphone 11 repair


iPhone 11 Series

The iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max are all available for the Touch IC transfer service. It is important to note that the True Tone can be programmed with a specialty programmer. This does not remove the important display message. If one does not go with the transfer service the programming is included for free with the screen replacement.


The downsides of not transferring the Touch IC

Important Display Message

The “Important Display Message: Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display.” is a permanent settings notification that lowers the resale value of your iPhone.

Loss of True Tone

On models where programming is ineffective, the True Tone color temperature shifting feature is lost permanently. This feature is fully cosmetic but it can lower the resale value.

Permanently Disabled

If the phone does not get the Touch IC transfer done at the time of repair, the transfer cannot be done in the future as it requires the original screen. 


The upsides of transferring the Touch IC

Improved Resale Value

When the Touch IC is transferred, the iPhone does not know that the screen has been replaced. This ensures that all features are still operational and the resale value is improved due to this.

Retention of Features

The Touch IC holds the encrypted password which is unique to each iPhone, this password, in common terms, unlocks the capability of True Tone. True Tone is a cosmetic feature that adjusts the color temperature of the screen to the ambient light.

Improved Responsiveness

On some screen replacements, the Touch transfer not only transfers the encrypted password but also can improve the touch input sensitivity consistency.

Pricing By Model

Model Additional Charge
iPhone 11 $60
iPhone 11 Pro $65
iPhone 11 Pro Max $70
iPhone 12 $70
iPhone 12 Mini $70
iPhone 12 Pro $75
iPhone 12 Pro Max $80


Should I or should I not get the Touch IC transfer add on service?

DON'T: Indifferent about cosmetic differences and lowered future resale value

If you are one who does not care about the loss of some cosmetic creature comforts and the future loss in resale value, you should not proceed with the Touch IC transfer service. This is a completely normal route that many take as these differences do not affect the day-to-day use of your iPhone.

DO: Full functionality and improved resale value

If full functionality, warranty, and resale value matter to you, the touch IC transfer service is perfect for you. Your investment will not only have helped out your day-to-day use of your phone but will pay off in comparison to the resale value lost when selling a phone that did not have this service done.